The Prince Consort's Shoe Shine Service Sydney

Sunday 19 May 2024
Always play a clean game!

ASG paid for all of their staff to have a shoe shine. This is an email I received from their office manager.

Thanks so much Peter, everyone was very happy and Lucy was amazing.

I really didn’t think she would be here for nearly 4 hours but once Lucy was on site was happy to get it done!
Our staff are still speaking about it today!  

All the best
Sharon Murphy
Office manager
ASG Group Ltd
I have known Peter Cooke for 25 years, initially in his capacity as a Marketing Executive in the consumer packaged goods industry and subsequently in his own business.
Working in the corporate environment Peter was always incredibly dynamic and enthusiastic about his brands and products. He was a true marketing professional and I was proud to have been able to assist him with his career on several occasions.
When Peter came to me and said he wanted to do something “different” we discussed his ideas about his own business which is now “The Prince Consorts Shoeshine Service’. He was so excited about starting something new and innovative that he was really unaware of the fact that he could fail. Failure of course was never an option with his planning, marketing, enthusiasm and incredibly infectious personality. Peter is a person you “want to do business with”. He does what he says he will do in a timely and organised way and I have seen him over the years make the necessary changes of direction to ensure that his business stays strong and healthy.
He is a great guy who now has not only a string of loyal customers, but a great many very good friends as a result of his efforts over the last 20 years.  

Geoff Morgan
Morgan and Banks Investments.
I met Peter 19 years ago when he started his business. I never cleaned my own shoes again and I will say this "There is nothing better than going into a meeting with clean shoes, it gives you a sense of professionalism and the confidence to achieve great things".
After all they do say you can tell the man by looking at his shoes. Soon after I contracted Peter's business to attend my office monthly to shine the shoes of all the people that worked at Command.
“Walk on Peter” and good luck.  

Mike Collins – CEO Command Group
Our business is about service, selling and presentation. We try to instill a professional approach in all our staff and the shoeshine service is a good way to maintain a high presentation and ,as the company pays for the service, offer a small reward to the staff. It is also good to dash to the Strand Arcade if a top up shine is required at the shoeshine stand.  

David C Brudenell
Commercial Director ‘Pure Profile
Cleaning your shoes is a job you intend to do but rarely get round to attending to. Most of us have smart suits, neat hair etc. then the foot wear lets us down. Well since I met the people from "The Prince Consort's Shoe Shine Service' my shoe shine has been the least of my worries. Tremendous service that they can visit you at your desk and when a top up is needed then a quick visit to the Strand Shoe Shine stand sorts me out.

Clever niche to exploit.

Try them!  

Nic Andrews
Joint Chief Executive
Pegasus Corporate Advisory
We need every edge today in business that is available to us and creating an excellent personal impression means taking care of the details. One of the key details for me has always been well presented shoes as it is an exclamation mark to the clothes you wear and the professional impression you want to make to your customers.
Peter and Strand Shoeshine have been taking care of my well worn leathers for many years and provide a service on par or better than anything I have received here or abroad.
With a service and attitude that is both professional and friendly, I couldn't be happier with the experience from Peter and his team over the years and hope this wonderful tradition is maintained for many more.  

James Symond
Executive Director
The "Prince Consort's Shoeshine Service" has attended to my shoes for more years than I can remember. Probably 17 or 18. The service is always thorough and the shine outstanding. Peter and his staff are diligent and a pleasure to talk to. Apart from the shine it's a great way to get out of the office and just relax and be pampered for a moment. I also go out of the way to visit the stand and smarten up my appearance ahead of meeting clients  

All the best,
Director "Pacific Equity Partners"
Thunderhead approached Peter from Strand Shoeshine in 2008 and 2009 to provide his services at conferences and events that we were attending, as a novel way of attracting delegates to our stand.
We were impressed with the level of interaction his friendly staff provided to our delegates, and it was a great draw-card. We found Peter to be very approachable and flexible with the days and hours we required his services. We would certainly recommend Peter and his team for your shoeshine requirements, and look forward to working with them at future events.
Our main events this year are being held interstate, which is a shame, as I would have engaged in the shoeshine idea again! Hopefully next year they will have something in Sydney again.  

Stephanie Pilcher
Office Manager Thunderhead
Peter and the team turned up to our event well presented, they were very professional and the clients loved the novelty of getting their shoes attended to by an expert. I would definitely recommend Peter's services to add that something different to your next event.  

Andrew Cook
ACP Magazines
Peter Cooke is an outstanding character – especially for a Pom!
Peter has built a number of businesses during his time and one of the most honest things that all people say is that Peter understands superior customer service.
I have been associated with Peter on a number of business ventures and he always delivers.
Peter is a trustworthy and capable person – a delight to work with.  

Craig M Scutella
Chief Executive Officer
Global Management Group


Peter is a great guy who now has not only a string of loyal customers, but a great many very good friends as a result of his efforts over the last 20 years.  

Geoff Morgan
Morgan and Banks Investments.