The Prince Consort's Shoe Shine Service Sydney

Wednesday 25 May 2022
Always play a clean game!
Promotions and Events

Trade Shows

Trade_showsAn excellent way to attract people to your exhibit.  The beauty is, the person is captured for five minutes whilst they have a shine.  Your product or service can be explained and follow-up arranged whilst a glow is put on the shoe.

Utilised by:

  • Standard and Poor
  • Thunderhead Financial
  • Select Professional
  • Admerex

Trade_Show_1Used at various locations in Sydney to capture targeted markets.  Once the person is having a shine, then the company rep can sell the features and benefits of the product or service.

Utilised by:

  • LG for their new phone (in CBD office lobbies)
  • ING for their online savings account (in CBD office lobbies)
  • Sydney Morning Herald to push their  executive recruitment website, "The Big Chair" (Qantas First Class Lounge)
  • American Express to upgrade current cardholders (Qantas First Class Lounge)
  • Northpoint Shopping Arcade to attract customers to the centre
  • Virgin as a reward for first class passengers (Virgin First Class Lounge)
Company parties

company partiesAdd to the fun and atmosphere of the day.  Also to emphasise the importance of presentation.

Utilised by:

  • Challenger Financial - provided by the company's social club
  • ACP Magazines - client Melbourne Cup party at Ivy
  • Zanerobe - launch party for new range of men's suits at Ivy
  • Reynolds Stock Brokers - to celebrate the company's founding year

At the racesAdd to the thrill of the day.

Utilised by:

  • Australian Jockey Club - Spring Carnival, reward for members
  • Sydney Cricket Ground - Test and One Day Internationals, reward for members

Peter Cooke from the Prince Consort's Shoe Shine makes an appearance at 0.55 in this video!



Apart from the shine it's a great way to get out of the office and just relax and be pampered for a moment. I also go out of the way to visit the stand and smarten up my appearance ahead of meeting clients  

All the best,
Director "Pacific Equity Partners"