The Prince Consort's Shoe Shine Service Sydney

Tuesday 04 Aug 2020
Always play a clean game!
I have known Peter Cooke for 25 years, initially in his capacity as a Marketing Executive in the consumer packaged goods industry and subsequently in his own business.
Working in the corporate environment Peter was always incredibly dynamic and enthusiastic about his brands and products. He was a true marketing professional and I was proud to have been able to assist him with his career on several occasions.
When Peter came to me and said he wanted to do something “different” we discussed his ideas about his own business which is now “The Prince Consorts Shoeshine Service’. He was so excited about starting something new and innovative that he was really unaware of the fact that he could fail. Failure of course was never an option with his planning, marketing, enthusiasm and incredibly infectious personality. Peter is a person you “want to do business with”. He does what he says he will do in a timely and organised way and I have seen him over the years make the necessary changes of direction to ensure that his business stays strong and healthy.
He is a great guy who now has not only a string of loyal customers, but a great many very good friends as a result of his efforts over the last 20 years.  

Geoff Morgan
Morgan and Banks Investments.


The shoe shine service is a good way to maintain a high presentation.  

David C Brudenell
Commercial Director
"Pure Profile"