The Prince Consort's Shoe Shine Service Sydney

Thursday 27 Jan 2022
Always play a clean game!
Promotions and Events

Trade Shows

Trade_showsAn excellent way to attract people to your exhibit.  The beauty is, the person is captured for five minutes whilst they have a shine.  Your product or service can be explained and follow-up arranged whilst a glow is put on the shoe.

Utilised by:

  • Standard and Poor
  • Thunderhead Financial
  • Select Professional
  • Admerex

Trade_Show_1Used at various locations in Sydney to capture targeted markets.  Once the person is having a shine, then the company rep can sell the features and benefits of the product or service.

Utilised by:

  • LG for their new phone (in CBD office lobbies)
  • ING for their online savings account (in CBD office lobbies)
  • Sydney Morning Herald to push their¬† executive recruitment website, "The Big Chair" (Qantas First Class Lounge)
  • American Express to upgrade current cardholders (Qantas First Class Lounge)
  • Northpoint Shopping Arcade to attract customers to the centre
  • Virgin as a reward for first class passengers (Virgin First Class Lounge)
Company parties

company partiesAdd to the fun and atmosphere of the day.  Also to emphasise the importance of presentation.

Utilised by:

  • Challenger Financial - provided by the company's social club
  • ACP Magazines - client Melbourne Cup party at Ivy
  • Zanerobe - launch party for new range of men's suits at Ivy
  • Reynolds Stock Brokers - to celebrate the company's founding year

At the racesAdd to the thrill of the day.

Utilised by:

  • Australian Jockey Club - Spring Carnival, reward for members
  • Sydney Cricket Ground - Test and One Day Internationals, reward for members

Peter Cooke from the Prince Consort's Shoe Shine makes an appearance at 0.55 in this video!



Peter and Strand Shoe Shine have been taking care of my well worn leathers for many years and provide a service on par or better than anything I have received here or abroad.  

James Symond
Executive Director